LOTRO and add-ons

It looks like Turbine is going to allow LOTRO to be moddable through use of the LUA scripting language. Massively post here about it.

I don’t have much experience about mods, except that FFXI used them heavily for the PC crowd. Windower allowed you to alt-tab the game, which was harmless-but then we got extended macros which were impossible for PS2 users, autoloot and autosort, distance plugins, etc.

I don’t think modding is good because it alters the game to a point where devs often need to play catch-up. Mods can make the game far easier, so that means Turbine is going to have to factor them into new content. That will also make it much harder for non-modded players.

It’s also interesting to me that they are doing this. My guess is to try and catch more WoW or ex-WoW players used to a heavily modded interface.

3 Responses to LOTRO and add-ons

  1. Dril says:

    I’ll say it right here that, as a (well, not former, but not actively playing, but still logging on sometimes and blah) WoW player and healer (and a tank! no dpsing for me) that the addons there really do, for me at least, improve the game enormously. I love being able to change everything about the UI graphically, but that’s only a small issue: the main one is, of course, the supposed automation of things/making them easier.

    I think that, once again, people mistake EASY for ACCESSIBLE. As a healer, in the present age of raiding, I have GOT to be able to see, clearly, how much health people have, if they have something that needs dispelling, what type of thing that is, and if there’s another effect that means I have to do something else (i.e. heal them to get rid of a debuff since I can’t remove it and it’ll kill them.) In theory, that’s available from the default UI, but a)that’s too cluttered, b)it takes up too much room and c)sometimes it simply doesn’t display what’s needed. The information has got to be accessible and mods let me do that. That’s basically where I draw the line though; displaying information that’s needed to help do something that the default UI cannot provide.

    There are some addons that tell people what to press, and those seem wrong to me, and that’s where I think there needs to be something done. But I do think that WoW needs the increased accessibility of information. Especially if you’re doing a hard fight (protip: WoW isn’t easy if you play a tank/healer and go for hardmodes. So shut the fuck up about it already, if you’re one of those annoying inbreds who can’t form their own opinion based on experience so instead jumps on the bandwagon.)

    So yeah. I’d play LOTRO a lot more if they got this addon thing through. And if the in-game quest helper was overhauled. God I hate that thing.

    • Dblade says:

      The question is can they restrict it to simple UI fixes? I don’t know. Once you give that power to players it’s hard to restrain.

      • Dril says:

        Don’t quote on me this but I believe they can. It will require much testing and thorough coding, but as long as they iron out any loopholes the API is their’s alone, and they can choose what it can/can’t display.

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