Another World

One thing I notice in La Tale is something that is also present in Mabinogi, and it’s something that Western developers ignore. In both F2P games you are someone from another world alien to the game world.

Both games somewhat handwave it. La Tale so far has no explanation. You dream of Iris, and are just thrown into the world with little explanation. In Mabinogi it’s a common thing for otherworlders to come: Mao guides you through the transition, and world npcs comment on it, with one humorous example being they know you aren’t from around here because your name is floating over your head.

I wish more games would take this approach and run with it, instead of being generic elf in genericland, or even in games like fallen earth where you quickly become part of the landscape. It’s one of the enduring tropes in fantasy, the stranger in a strange land, or the person from our world entering into another.


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