Fiesta Online

I’ve also been playing Fiesta Online, by Outspark. This game is probably one of the best F2P sleeper games out there, and it’s surprising how little notice it gets.

The setting is generic fantasy. Imagine a slightly more grown up 3-D maple story, and that’s it. Dogs with flowers on its head, slimes, imps, and the usual collection of critters. There’s no overarching story, not even a beginning cutscene. Classes are basic, fighter, ranger, mage, and cleric. Quests are the usual. Sounds boring right?

What is hard to explain is how polished the game is. It’s very deep for a f2p game. You have multiple crafting systems, a whole series of group-based instances you can do at any time, a lot of quests and abilities for each level as well as the ability to customize abilities by spending points on things like damage and cooldown time. The game feels very stable, and the community is one of the largest I have seen: there always were 12 or more people doing instances, and zones were full of people. I’d say Fiesta probably can beat out the population of many MMOs. It has mentor and guild systems in place, and even congratulates players server wide when they reach milestones, like level 20, or getting married in game.

The cash shop never felt needed so far. I leveled up to 20, and it was surprisingly engaging. The cash shop is pricy, and seems to revolve around pets and 30 day costume rentals which boost stats.

I have to say, I was surprised at how engaging it was. It isn’t innovative, but is just a well-done basic MMO you can play for free or for little money. If more F2P kept this level of quality (even the westernization is good, no engrish on the quests and even some humor) there’d be less arguments against the genre.


2 Responses to Fiesta Online

  1. Dril says:

    I was looking at it after this post, then I saw the whole graphics style and UI and immediately went to find something else.

  2. Dblade says:

    The UI isn’t that bad, but yeah, if you aren’t able to overlook the F2P cutesy anime style it’s probably not going to go well. The only UI problem I have currently is that healing targets is rough, but that’s more because the average player in it doesn’t get the concept of parties, or every tank not dog piling on a single mob.

    The thing is though, with all the downsides, playing it works. People invite each other to parties. They buff each other, talk, help out. I don’t know if its because so many younger kids play it, or what, but it goes a long way to addressing its faults.

    Maybe it’s because I’m coming off three games where all I wanted to do was put the entire community on ignore (CO, Aion, EVE.)

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