Guild Wars 2

They finally got around to releasing some gameplay footage. The official one is here at Massively.

It looks basic. A bunch of people in a small room, fighting a couple of centaurs. They then go out and fight an earth elemental who goes down pretty damn quick, although he spawns in an impressive cutscene. It’s over in 2 minutes.

I’m down on it. This is not a clip you show to get people excited. I’m not keen on the hype the game has been getting overall, but to be fair if they delivered on it with gameplay I’d gladly eat my words. But even for a noob area, it didn’t seem that exciting. Maybe it would have been better to log the event from start to finish to get a better sense of pacing.


One Response to Guild Wars 2

  1. Dril says:

    All I really saw was WAR with more polish and better graphics. That’s about it.

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