Do we have too many MMOs?

It looks like All Points Bulletin is going to be the shortest lived MMO in recent history as it closes its doors. Meanwhile, many games are embracing F2P as a magic bullet to get players and sales. Pirates of the Burning Sea is an example.

Maybe we should start asking if there are too many MMOs for the market to sustain?

When you get to the point where you need to make your core product free in the hope that people by add-on products, you are facing a saturated market. When people will not pay a tiny sum (and $15 a month is tiny. I can’t even get a haircut for that, but unlimited access to a game? No problem) and need to be cajoled and forced to pay by harmful game mechanics, it’s time to stop making them.

Why? Because they don’t think your work has value.

So the best thing in my opinion would be for MMO developers to take a long holiday, shutter a lot of their underperforming games, and turn to more profitable venues. We see that with devs jumping on trends, like social gaming. Reduce the supply of MMOs to increase their value.


One Response to Do we have too many MMOs?

  1. Tesh says:

    Some of the market is saturated, but the demand curve isn’t quite filled out yet. Good F2P games (and the thus-far lightly populated Guild Wars style monetization area) try to find spots on the demand curve not filled by subs. Bad ones come at things from a different angle.

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