A response for Tesh-Out of Topic

This is OOT for Tesh, who posted on a subject here. Basically he’s wondering “what if we took this guy’s advice. Rather than write a novel in his comments section, here it is. Behind the break for your viewing pleasure. Edit: Break seems to be screwing up formatting, so I’m trying to change it.

He’s (market guy) clueless.

1. Tariffs on Chinese products if they don’t value up. He does know that tariffs on that level would not just kill the “$3 shirt and $30 DVD player” right? It would kill the entire consumer electronics industry as well as untold numbers of support businesses. Probably suicide a lot of others too.

2. Building Nuke plants. How the hell does he think we are going to pay for them? He rants about government entitlements, but a network of nuke plants across the country is a huge expense.

3. Welfare people working at nuke plants or being PUT IN JAIL. Oh come on. I have a friend who works in a nuke plant. It’s hard work, and long hours, and hard to impossible for a single parent to raise a family doing. It also requires serious background checks and security records.

This guy really sounds like someone who has no idea of what his suggestions mean.

4. Flat Tax: There’s a difference between making taxes business friendly, and destroying our ability to fund government. Plus, he’s just pissed off every single business making a physical good due to point 1. You honestly think businesses will flock to the USA when its shown they are willing to pull an Argentina and drive up the cost of making a business work?

5. Health Care: Good luck. I hope he accepts the increase in mortality and denial of care that both fixes will cause.

6. Immigration: lol. No seriously, lol. How in gods name does he think we are going to fund a police force capable of preventing even a sizable part of illegal immigration? Magic? Does he not ever think about the mountains of debt and funding its going to take to implement stuff like this?

7. Frauds/legalizing: Because no one abuses Oxycontin or other legal meds sold in a pharmacy, and no black market exists for them. And also because making every single businessman keeping his eyes over his shoulder due to hyper-aggressive fraud enforcement is going to make people want to be here. Sarbanes-Oxley worked so well, eh?

8. Mandating deflation. Soviet Union much? How much of this “natural progress” was due to what he wants to kill in point number 1 anyways? Yeah, lets kill off loans for speculation and consumption too, and gut the entire credit card industry. That’s not going to have ripple effects, no.

9. LOL: “We must then reduce the debt even though we just got into debt hell by a titanically expensive public works project, funding a huge police force to guard our borders, gutting our tax revenues, crippling our business gains through discouraging consumption and rising prices overall of goods across the board…”

Sorry man, I can’t avoid being harsh on him. I’m not against the need to radically change things, but these are not solutions, these are ways to make China the economic powerhouse of the 21st century. This sounds like a tearsheet of Libertarian fantasies with no basis in reality.

That was my response. Here’s a bonus: what life would be like in that system: Jenny woke up today, and groaned. It was work day, and the local nuke plant had her number. The plant was the only employer in town since the Ticker Tariffs killed a lot of local businesses by starving off their overseas supplies. The only thing left was Wal-Mart, and rumor had it that the government was slipping them money under the table to keep them in buisness. Most of the smaller chains had died a long time ago. That left the plant. Problem was that there were so many people the plant couldn’t fill the slots. So they hired “flex time” which meant most of the non-critical personnel rotated and worked only a few days per month.

They had to, since the vagrancy acts were passed: it was either work there, or go to jail. Unfortunately for most it was jail. See, they forgot that nuke plants had strict security when they passed them. That means anyone with even a slight criminal record was ruled out for working there. Jenny should know, her ex had been busted as a kid for several small-time robberies. He reformed, and found Jesus, and tried his best to help out. But in the end it was useless: he couldn’t get a job in the border police, he couldn’t get hired at a nuke plant, and he was too old for the army, so they just sent him back to jail. At least she was lucky: her friend Rosa’s husband was found to have been an illegal and got deported, and had no chance of getting back in.

Jenny wasn’t so sure she was the lucky one at times. It seemed like all her money went to keeping herself fed. Everything was more expensive: cars cost more because they were tariffed. People had to keep a flat percentage of money as a health savings account because most of the insurers folded up a long time ago. Even weed cost more: it was legalized and was reaching nearly 100 bucks a carton due to it being the tax whipping boy to make up for the lower flat taxes.

Jenny had a plan though. She heard that China was booming, and that since it was mostly men there now due to the disastrous one-child policy, they had a quiet need for women. So one day she hoped to pay a local Coyote enough money to get her onto the next boat to Beijing. Her mandarin wasn’t so good, but anything was better than being useless, right?


3 Responses to A response for Tesh-Out of Topic

  1. Tesh says:

    Perhaps, but these are the conversations that need to happen, getting down into the hardcore realities of life, not platitudes from any given party. I’m also no so much wondering what would happen if we went with Denninger’s ideas (and I’m not saying I agree with all of them by any means), but what would happen if those were what we were talking about in politics, rather than the shallow frippery that typically does get bandied about.

    • Dblade says:

      Thanks for suffering through the wall of text. Looks like copy/paste adds a {div} tag which screws up formatting. I’ll respond a little later tonight.

  2. Tesh says:


    ‘Tis not suffering to get through this. Now, if it were written in Sanskrit, that would be trouble. 😉

    Offhand, are you familiar with those Thorium salt breeders he mentioned? That’s something I keep meaning to research.

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