TTC: Champions Online, day one.

Start time: 8:45 EST. Finish 2:28 AM. Roughly about 5  and a half hours spent.

Logging, in, I decided to make an Archery build. I’m not sure why, because Archery out of all the power sets in Champions Online is the weakest. It relies on charged attacks which do poor damage compared to other power sets, like Munitions, and compared to meelee its horrible. Meelee in CO is busted beyond belief, with the capability to do absurd single-target damage, as well as strong aoe while keeping defense up.

Anyways, here’s a picture:

My archery character

This is me next to the Canadian NPC hero Justiciar, in Canada’s Steelhead base.

I failed in my goal, unfortunately. My goal was level 20 tonight, I could only hit level 17 before having enough of it. Considering CO lets you skip up to level 5, that’s 12 levels in under 6 hours. It’s a little under half of the total level cap, but still a long ways in real time to go. I could have reached 20 if I chose a stronger build. There would have been less deaths and much quicker kills.

So, 23 levels left. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


2 Responses to TTC: Champions Online, day one.

  1. Dril says:

    Damn; this’ll actually be really interesting to follow. Out of interest; will you continue to play a bit at endgame? I like CO but I never really made it past level…15. I don’t know why; it could be I just never liked the powersets I chose/I kept making new characters, but whatever.

    Oh; I hear zombie apocalypse is THE way to level, it’d be interesting if you could compare normal and hero games but ’tis your challenge after all 🙂

    • Dblade says:

      I don’t usually do Champion’s endgame. It’s mostly solo missions for tokens/points to spend on gear, with some lairs you can do on the elite difficulty slider for better drops. I usually PvP instead at the different tiers. Tier 2 is levels 11-20, T3 21-30, and so on.

      I wont be doing PvP though, leveling in CO gets very repetitive, so any downtime will be a break hanging out in the RP area Club Caprice.

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