TTC day two: Champions Online

Start time: 1:00 pm EST. Finish: 4:15 EST. Levels gained: 17-20.

I moved out of Millenium City to begin the next phase of leveling. I’m pleased to say I made my goal, but over 15 minutes: I made up to level 20 today, in the Burning Sands Desert. Burning Sands has some nice backstory: it’s a rather nasty place that is the home of Grond, a four-armed Hulk “homage.” The local Steelhead forces are there mostly to observe and contain him. He does have a habit of rampaging around though, and beating up any NPCs and players he sees. Here’s a picture:

Grond from Champions Online

Grond is a Cosmic mob, which is like a world boss. He spawns across all instances, landing randomly in an area and beating up all the NPCs before he gets bored and jumps away. I’ve never really hunted him, but he’s a favorite supergroup target.

The area I leveled in is called Snake Gulch. It’s Westworld in the Champions Universe, and its a nice quest area for levels 17-21. It’s a theme park where the robots are getting reprogrammed by VIPER, who set up shop next door to hunt Grond and to try to reproduce him. Here’s a pic of the main quest hub.

Snake Gulch

I had a rough start at first till I slightly reconned my character. The problem with archery is that it does very little damage and relies on charged moves. However, maintains are more efficient in that you do damage as you hold the button down: you aren’t being pounded for several seconds before your damage fires. I added an old standby to compensate.

The power Sub-machine gun is a munitions cone aoe maintain. It also has a nice advantage: Aggresion adds a bleed DOT 100% of the time in meelee range, and 15% otherwise. It’s very energy efficient, and for future builds the bleeds it causes sync well with both single blade and bestial supernatural powers. This made leveling much less a hair-pulling experience.

In Snake Gulch I did maybe 20 quests. I beat up robots to recover their parts, beat up Viper trying to fix them, and blew up their armored transports. I also shot down a local sheriff in the saloon he hangs out in.

Saloon Battle 1Saloon Battle 2

I also got captured by Viper and busted prisoners out, ending their research into reproducing Grond by defeating the doctor in charge of it.

VIPER prison breakout

So far, for the Time Trial Challenge, I’ve played a little over 8 hours in real time, and have hit the halfway mark in terms of the level cap. I think I can make 2 or 3 levels per 3 hour session till I hit the 30s, in which leveling starts to real slow down. CO is unique in that you rarely need to farm to purchase anything needed. The quests and mobs shower you with items. I’m curious to see how much time it will take to cap her. This speed isn’t that fast: even with the retconning a decent meelee or munitions build can go even faster, and some can go slower, like gadgeteering or sorcery.


2 Responses to TTC day two: Champions Online

  1. Dril says:

    Nice, you provide a good insight into the powers as well. I had no idea some of them were so gimped :/

    • Dblade says:

      Some are, some are okay, some are overpowered.

      It can be very drastic. A martial arts build can put out even at low levels single target 2.8k critical strikes, one or two shotting even master villain and certain boss enemies, with an activation time of a couple of seconds. My AoE arrow attack would be lucky to do 1/3rd of that.

      Currently archery and pets are the gimpiest abilities in the game, although power armor non-particle damage based abilities come close.

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