Time Trial Challenge: Champions Online, day 2.5

Start: 9:00 PM EST. End, 12:18 EST. Level 21-23.

I started again in Canada, which has some nice 20-24 quests. The Hunter-Patriots are a secessionist group determined to get control of Canada. One of their bases is a converted paintball camp called Renegade Run. I substituted paintballs for anti-mind control ones, rescued a couple of innocents who thought it was a paintball camp, and beat up the head of the camp, Clyde Von Shoulz.

Renegade Run

Renegade Run Hangar

Canada is also dealing with the Gadroon, a race of frog-like aliens terraforming large sectors of the snowy landscape into alien jungles. I skipped that content, and instead went to the desert again, to help quell a jailbreak at Stronghold Prison. The psychic villain Menton has awoke from cold sleep, and has compelled the entire prison, inmates and guards alike, to follow his wishes.


Stronghold 2

Helping to mop up the outside, I was soon dispatched to an old standby-Area 51. In the champions universe, Viper controls Area 51, which exists because the Qulaar have crash-landed in the desert, and the two are fighting. They even have their very own men in black.

Area 51

Man in Black

I was lucky though. While collecting debris from the Qulaar crash site, I ran into an unwelcome face again:


He threw a massive chunk of earth at me, and thought I was too boring and left.

Finally, with 14k to next level, I decided to PvP. Zombie Apocalypse pits a team of heroes against NPC and player controlled undead. The heroes become zombies when they are killed, and the zombies win if they kill all, or force  them from the cabin they defend. The heroes win if they can outlast them for 20 minutes. We did, and I leveled to 23.

Inside of the zombie cabin before the match


This ended my leveling today. I’m currently level 23 out of 40, in roughly 12 hours of gameplay or less. That’s 2 real life days of playtime, or if you made it 4 hours a day, a weekend of normal play. I’m going to unwind with her in Club Caprice and do some roleplay, so tack on 2 hours or so of non-leveling play. Still, this is very fast leveling, and I’m sure in 3 hours I can keep my progress to one level or two a day up into the mid 30s.

I’ll post more tomorrow.

3 Responses to Time Trial Challenge: Champions Online, day 2.5

  1. Dril says:

    Nice again 😉 I hope you keep this up, ’tis very interesting seeing someone skilled in a game I’ve only dabbled in do it so quickly.

    What travel power did you pick btw?

    • Dblade says:

      I picked an odd one, Rocket Boots. It’s similar to superjump, but it feels like it has a longer duration. It’s not good if you suffer from motion sickness.

      The most OP powers are teleport and tunneling, as both let you avoid enemies while traveling.

      • Dril says:

        Yeah, I found that as well, although Teleporting was annoying since you had to keep clicking and tunnelling follows the terrain. TP was pretty awesome in the Hero Arena at launch though, since you could just TP wherever you wanted with barely a delay.

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