TTC Champions Online: Day 3

Start: 10:54 P.M. EST Finish: 2:23 A.M. Levels gained:24-26

This is where it starts to get long. While it was just as fast to level, the number of quests you have to do increase. This diary of my leveling is short on screenshots.

I went back to Canada to do the Gadroon questline I mentioned earlier. You have to learn the language, blow up their gizmos, and mostly beat up on different types of enemies.  A picture here:

Gadroon in Canada

It went by pretty quick. They sent me to the next quest chain, the Snow Thrush Sanctuary. Argent is secretly producing their robotic mechenforcers here, and testing a prototype one. They also are using the bird preserve as a cover to drill for oil. I tangled with the prototype, Mechassasin, who is one of the cooler designs in Champions Online. Unfortunately I didn’t grab a screen of him.

The next chain sent me to Hoarfrost Hills, where the Hunter-Patriots are spying on Argent’s mining operations and a few agents and news reporters try to foil and expose them both. There’s one of the many pop-culture references found here: the quest givers in this hub are named Jim Kandy and Gene Levi.

Jim and Gene

I’m still on track in leveling. I’ve gained 3 levels in a little over 3 hours. More importantly, I’ve hit level 25 and now can design my nemesis. I also have a free retcon available if I ever want to respec. The next day will be a little less efficient as I will do both: however the next quest chain for me is in the Telios Tower region, which goes by pretty fast. Also in one level I can open up the Monster Island crisis, which will give me access to the Monster Island zone. The leveling will get longer, but the game’s design gets a little more story-centered, as the Crisises coming up are well done set-pieces to the game. I’m also high enough level to contribute to the Mega-Destroid mission, and I’ll try to do it for a future blog entry.

14 levels to go…


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