TTC: Champions Online. Day 4

Start: 11:00 P.M. EST End: 2:18 A.M. Levels gained: 27

This particular play session was slow, considering I needed to design my nemesis, do a run of Mega-Destroid, and retcon my toon. I did all 3, and got a level besides.

The  Nemesis system is one of Champions Online’s signatures. At level 25, you get a quest which sends you to the Millenium city police station.


Here, you create a Nemesis similar to creating your own character. You choose his powers, choose his general style from Mastermind, Savage, or Maniac, and choose his minions and their powers:

The UI doesn’t show in the screenshots I took, but this is my nemesis Tengu. You can even create his own backstory. What happens next is as you adventure in the world, the minions attack you randomly. Eventually they will drop a clue leading to a nemesis mission. Beat enough of these to get storyline Nemesis missions, and start saving points for endgame gear. The first mission is inside Millenium City’s Museum, where the Lemurian Ambassador Krax has donated an artifact. Your nemesis comes in, and drains the power from it. You fight him and his goons off.

It’s cool stuff. The only problem is that you are limited to three archetypes, and a lot of nemesis types you make wont fit.

After that, I went and did the Mega-Destroid open mission. Open missions in CO are multi-stage affairs, and Mega-D is probably the most played and most archetypal of the missions. There are 4 phases. First, you need to save police and emergency personnel from the roving gangs of Doctor Destroyer’s destroids. Then, you need to take out gangs lead by his Phalanx commanders. After that, its destroying some of his machines guarded by a lot of robots. Finally, and the most fun, you have to defeat the titanic Mega-Destroid, which is an insanely tough cosmic mob.

We didn’t have enough DPS to kill him in the time limit unfortunately, but I tanked him as a level 26 for a lot of the fight, and it’s a lot of fun. Some pictures:

Unfortunately since he is so big, any attacks that give a visual effect make him hard to screenshot. Some tips to fight him is that when you see him flash blue and crouch, he is doing a massive aoe attack. Block, or take a lot of damage. You generally don’t want to pull hate, so always mention in zone chat he is up if you need help. He has almost 1.5 million HP, so you’ll need that help. To get the best score in an open mission, you need to do all of the stages. If you just want the perk though, you can come in at the last phase.

Finally, I retconned. Unfortunately Strafe glitched with the Single Blade attack I had chosen as my high damage one, so I used a free retcon  I got through Cryptics loyalty rewards. You can retcon via in-game money, or buy them at 12 bucks from the C-store. You also get a free retcon at level 40.

What’s cool is that where you retcon, the powerhouse, also has a lot of areas to test your build on without leaving and locking them in. There is a training dummy lounge where you can test dps against non attacking targets, and a “danger room” where you can fight simulated enemies. It’s something I wish more MMOs had, even class-based ones.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up the pace again. At 27, I can do the monster island crisis, and it gets very fast leveling.


One Response to TTC: Champions Online. Day 4

  1. Dril says:

    Makes me want to play again, and I’m out of money (again.) Keep this up, ’tis interesting.

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