TTC: Champions Online Day4-ish

Start 4:50 P.M. EST. End, 10:30 EST. Total time, 5 hrs 40 minutes. Levels gained 28-30.

This is where it starts to get long. I unlocked Monster Island as a playable area by completing the Monster Island Crisis. The Crisis is a heavily story-driven event that happens in part of an area you will eventually have the entire area to roam in, and it shows CO at it’s best and worst.

Viper is attempting to gain a foothold in Monster Island by allying themselves with Teleios, the mad geneticist and cloner. They have invaded the eastern shore of it, and you are going in with the Champion Ironclad to bust it up. The crisis starts with you just offshore on the deck of an UNTIL submarine. From there, you and Ironclad will free captive Manimals, destroy Viper’s tanks and AA guns, reactivate the massive robotic dinosaur Mega-Teriak, and then fight alongside others to take both VIPER and Teleios down. Some pictures:

Ironclad and I

Ironclad and I.

Powering up Mega-Teriak

Powering up the inactive Mega-Teriak, who then proceeds to go on an awesome rampage against VIPER.


VIPER counters with their own ace-in-the-hole, Ripper. He’s incredibly tough and a lot of fun to fight.


Qwijybo, the flaming monkey you see on the loading screen. He fights alongside you against Teleios and his Telieosaur, in a homage to King Kong.

It’s a fun experience, and awesome the first time I played it. However it doesn’t hold up as well anymore. The problem is that it’s the most fun when done with others, but it’s extremely rare to find people queuing up for it. So you solo it, and it loses a lot of fun. Monster Island in general suffers from the same fate: these days only one 100 person instance seems open, and a lot of the multiplayer quests get ignored. It hammers home how low CO’s population is, and even with Demonflame coming up, I don’t think it can last much longer.

In normal leveling I did some Canada quests, and some Monster Island ones. It’s going to get slower, because now the experience to next level starts to skyrocket. 450k to 900k TNLs from 31 to 40 if I remember right, so I’ll be very lucky to get 2 levels a play session, and towards 38+ one.

3 Responses to TTC: Champions Online Day4-ish

  1. Dril says:

    I had no idea how low the pop was 😦 I always imagined it was in the 30k+ range at least but damn…if it’s that low ’tis no good.

    Well, keep going anyway, you’ve reached the point that I never got to so I’ll be reading with interest.

    • Dblade says:

      Yeah, it’s low. Lemuria and Monster Island usually just have the one instance. Not sure about Vibora Bay, but I’d be surprised if they had two or three.

      There are endgame instances, but you rarely see shouts for them. Like maybe 2 or 3 when I’m playing. That either means the supergroups do them in house, or something else.

      Millenium City is still busy, and you see people around since the maps aren’t large even with the 100 people cap. But I’m wondering what will happen when DC Universe Online releases.

      • Dril says:

        Yeah, although to be honest I’m not sure DCUO will go down well. SOE….ech. From the videos it looks like a crappy superhero port of EQ2 with a kind of odd graphical style that mixes EQ2’s uncanny valley with CO’s sublime comic radiance.

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