TTC: Champions Online Day 7

Start: 11:45 P.M. EST end: 1:34 A.M EST. Levels gained: 32.

I did the Lemuria Crisis today and gained access to Lemuria. Lemuria is probably the least used of the endgame zones, but one of the most uniquely designed. It’s all underwater, and you have full 3-D movement. The crisis isn’t as action-packed as Monster Island, but still fun. You respond to the distress call of the Until submarine Aegir, sent to meet with the Kingdom of Lemuria. It looks like the Lemurians are in civil war, with the mutant-looking Bleak Ones waylaying the ship, and trapping it in tentacles of mystical energy.

lemurian crisis 1

Your goal is to clear a path for it and repair it, while investigating the source of the disturbance. To do that you need to disarm mines, and in a nice touch, board enemy submarines and overload their engines.

Lemurian Crisis Subs

Lemurian Crisis Mines

The next part is a pain in the ass. You have to use flares to signal for cargo drops, which automated drones vaguely reminiscient of 343 Guilty Spark from Halo take and try to repair the ship with.  It takes a while, and if you are by yourself and dont know what you are doing it can take a LONG while. Sadly, I’ve never done this Crisis with anyone.

After that phase, you board the sub to fight off the boss, a giant Bleak One. He’s projecting energy which warps your screen and damages you if you have full energy.

Crisis Boss

Once you beat him, you are able to access the Lemurian zone. I called it quits after one level due to a long day from work. Only 8 more levels to go.


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