TTC: Champions Online Day 8

Start 1:39 A.M. Finish, 3:28 A.M. Level gained : 33

What’s surprising is that I took much less time to gain a longer level. It might be that the quests increase enough to keep a 2 hour per level goal. I’m one level away from the Vibora Bay Crisis, and will finish that up tomorrow.

There wasn’t all that much to describe. Most quests in CO are variations on the same 3 basic ones:

1. KTR or kill more. Pick up drops.

2. Defend/escort.

3. Activate items.

That’s what makes it hard to do marathon play sessions. There just aren’t the variables to keep you going. All of the enemies act the same as well. Henchmen just do energy builder style attacks either at range or close in. All other enemies do the same, while using two different powers at fixed intervals.

Groups of henchmen come in 3 or 4, with one two-bar enemy replacing one sometimes. 3 life bar enemies are always by themselves.

Holds or crowd control aren’t needed much. It takes a lot of enemies to down a build that’s made decently.

This is also the downside of a solo-based game. Partying can keep the normal grind fresh by adding variation in people. Also, CO’s reliance on a few zones backfires as a party-based game constantly keeps you moving from spot to spot. Next week I’ll have a bit more time, so I’ll see if I can grind to 40 much quicker.


2 Responses to TTC: Champions Online Day 8

  1. Dril says:

    I think it’s (the questing issue) a problem in a lot of MMOs now, and I’m not sure having a story forced down your throat will really work either. I’m starting to think GW2 might be a partial answer, but as per usual with my comments, the disclaimer: we’ll see. Still, it’s a shame about the population, the zones really do like pretty nice if it weren’t for the standard quests.

    Future question: once you finish CO are you moving straight onto a new TTC or doing something in the interim. I really like the style of these posts and the challenge 😛

  2. Dblade says:

    Thanks, though I wish I could blaze through it in longer play sessions. Both work and fatigue make it harder to do 6 hours at a stretch, and if I could, I’d be day 4 instead of day 8.

    I’ll probably say goodbye to CO after this, and move on to a new game. I’ll do a TTC in it because it seems to be a good motivational tool for me.

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