TTC: Champions Online Day 9 and 10

Start time: 10:38 P.M. EST. Finish time 3:3o A.M. EST. Levels gained, 34-35.

Second start: 9:40 P.M EST. Finish time 3:18 A.M EST. Levels gained, 36-37

I combined this into two days because I wanted to dedicate this to the Vibora Bay Crisis. Looking at almost 12 hours to gain 3 levels, so it’s getting long.

Part of the reason why is that the Vibora Crisis is long. Vibora Crisis and Vibora Bay  is simply the best thing in Champions Online. It’s a well-designed crisis with a cool story, and the zone is a labor of love, incredibly well designed and with great little touched. It’s very long though, and focuses on running lairs with a lot of enemies packed in, sometimes over 100.

I’m going to be vague on story details to avoid spoilers. The crisis starts by talking to Juryrig, in Millenium City.


He sends you to Valerian in Club Caprice. It seems she is having trouble with someone, and needs help.


So you do some pretty basic dungeon runs, and the last has you find her assailant is heading over to the Club to take care of her. You fight him, but it turns out that Valerian was using you. So you head to Vibora Bay to stop the Apocalypse that this causes.

The first thing you notice is that the VB crisis looks awesome. Some pics:

Vc 1

VC 2

vc 3

The quests make sense. The enemies are cool: a pack of werewolves that like guns called Dogz.  Hellraiser-inspired Trey Kings, Vampire New Shadows, and the fallen angels of Therakiel, the mastermind behind the apocalypse. The quests make sense, and the story is very good. You fight alongside the entire Champions team, and it’s quickly apparent that this is more than you can handle. However Juryrig has a solution: go back in time before this ever happened and fix it!

Time machine

Dive in, and you are in Vibora Bay proper.

VB is a misty New Orleans Style city, and you can tell the designers cared a lot about it. Walk by a door, and you can hear jazz play. The hub design is excellent: all the services are close together yet discrete, much better than Millenium city. It has some awesome social touches, like an arcade with actual (non-playable) games!


A sadly underused area is the S.S Bayou Queen. You notice a boat docked, and land on it (getting the “I’m on a boat!” perk. Accursed memes.) But go inside it, and you have a completely modeled riverboat casino, including a live band with voice samples.

Bayou boat outside

Bayou interior 1


Bayou int 2

Bayou int 3

It’s a wonderful stage for rping, but sadly the level limit prevents a lot of people from using it. Vibora Bay is accessible 34 and up. Cryptic has a gift with level design, but their gameplay needs work. They love to put in easter eggs and many niches like this in the game.

I’m in the last stretch. Only three more levels to go, and I believe I’m roughly at 36 real time hours. I haven’t been able to play it straight, but that would be 6 days of 6 hours with my usual play style. That’s not a lot of time to get to cap in a game. To be honest either, I haven’t been playing as smart as I should, and have played slower than usual. Still, that isn’t saying much when you can get to cap in possible 8 days of 6 hour play.


One Response to TTC: Champions Online Day 9 and 10

  1. Dril says:

    Makes me want to go back to CO just to see VB 😛
    I agree that Cryptic are great level designers; if they had an open-world and more content-rich version of CO they’d be doing a lot better than they are currently.

    Alas, ’tis a pity.

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