TTC: Champions Online Day 11 and complete!

Start time: 2:30  P.M.EST Finish 8:38. Levels gained, 38-39.

Start time: 10:45 P.M. EST Finish 3:16 A.M. Levels gained, 40.

Thank goodness for days off. In one very long grind, I have gotten level 4o! I’m only doing a rough tally, but it took about 70 hours in leveling, spread over 15 days. About 4 hours 20 minutes a day if played straight.

I’ll give my thoughts about it in another post, now its time to relax.



2 Responses to TTC: Champions Online Day 11 and complete!

  1. Dril says:

    Gratz! Nice to see the first project complete, and so quickly as well.
    Isn’t there a /played command in CO or something similar to find out time played in total? I just take it for granted that MMOs have them but I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

  2. Dblade says:

    No, I don’t think CO has it. Would have made it a lot easier if so. I’ll double check when I get on, but it might be skewed because after I leveled some days, I spent some hours after leveling talking to friends as the character. TTC counts the times spent to leveling, mostly because I wanted to see how long that time was to cap.

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