Champions Online pet pass

CO recently upgraded the long-suffering pet powers, and they are much improved. All pets now get stronger with many abilities as they are ranked up. This makes all pet builds workable now, and hilarious:

Pet Army


This is my pet army. At level 40 you can summon with my build:

  • 2 “command animal” wolves
  • an attack toy that reproduces 3 other toys
  • an ice wolf
  • 2 healing drones
  • 2 gun turret bots
  • 3 zombies for a limited duration
  • an angel.

That’s 15 pets. And they all can be controlled, and have toggleable modes. The turret bots switch between stationary and mobile, the healing drones attack or defense. The others have tap modes which do more damage one-time, with status efects.

It’s almost like having your own supergroup, and watching them in action is hilarious, because the A.I. is good. They tear through enemies. With my build I just block, heal, and use a knockback move if enemies get too close. Fun times.


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