Changing games, on to Everquest Extended.

I said goodbye to Champions Online today. While I had a lot of fun with the pet upgrade, what cemented my desire to leave for good was Serpent Lantern.

Serpent Lantern is the second Adventure Pack released by Cryptic, the first being Vibora Bay. I had put off finishing it because the first part, where you have three bunkers you need to run through, was boring. Since I had my own pet army now, we went through and tore it up.

It’s short.

There are three bunkers. The outside of each is a connection of four camps which you need to do 3 things (sabotage weapons, rescue scouts,) deactivate a control console, then eventually enter a bunker where you need to do two things (turn off alarms, rescue people) then fight a boss. Once all three of those are done, you go to the Serpent Lantern dig. There you need to get 6 serpentite crystals, kill 10ish serpent mages, and fight a couple of bosses with a minor trick.

I beat all of this in an hour, on very hard.

I was pissed.

That’s not an adventure pack. That’s a single questline or instance.

So it’s time to say goodbye. The massive rubberbanding currently in the game didn’t help either.

So now it’s time to try the Extended version of EQ.


4 Responses to Changing games, on to Everquest Extended.

  1. Drew says:

    Wow, that sucks. I’ve never had much respect for Cryptic, and this certainly doesn’t help. I’m not sure I’d ever touch a game they made with a ten-foot pole.

    Hope you enjoy EQ2X!

  2. Dblade says:

    It’s not a bad game for what it is, but it just has no legs to it long term. I think it would have been better suited to a single player or multiplayer console game than an MMO.

    Thanks, I’m Karemott on the EQ extended freeport server. Viva frogloks.

  3. Drew says:

    Massively has just reported that CO is going F2P. Thoughts?

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