EQ extended: first impressions

1. Wow, this loaded fast. I have yet to make my character, but one of my annoyances about F2P games is needing to leave the computer on overnight to download the entire thing. EQ extended downloads a launcher then quickly streams the rest.

2. Man, I missed heroic sounding music. While it downloads files to the cache, it plays a very stirring orchestral tune.

3. Man, races and classes cost too much. 750 station cash, roughly $7.50 US. It’s for a pack of 3 races, but only one class. This sucks a little because you see a lot of cool options on both. But I also get why: the 3 pack of races allow you one race optimized for each two meta-classes (warrior, priest, mage, scout), and a generalist race. So gameplay-wise you are covered well, it’s just appearance-wise you aren’t.

4. That is one serious “offer wall.” I counted 20 or more ways to get Station Cash, most requiring a purchase.

5. “Preloading Game Assets: Updating 12.70 GB.” A little notice under the Play button on the launcher. Jesus, that’s a lot.

6. Character select is interesting. It doesn’t load the assets of all the models right away, so you need to wait some to see what your characters look like. Nice though if you just want to speed through.

7. Alt-tabbing causes a windowed mode, and I got an error message about options not installing. Here’s hoping nothing is bad.

8. I started out with 300 station cash, and spent $5 for 500 more to unlock the Froglok race pack. Unfortunately the models still havent loaded, so I can’t customize his appearance yet. He is currently just a torso. So I’m taking five till it loads some more.

9. Finally made my character, unfortunately it locked up making the zone. ugh. Also, the EQ extended server is under heavy load.

10. Started in Greater Feydark. More impressions later!


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