Aion’s cash shop and problems with immersion

Aion and EVE still love to send me e-mails despite me no longer playing both. Aion’s latest email has an interesting aside. You can buy weapon skins for $9.99 in the cash shop. The problem is that those skins kill immersion and many are ridiculous:

Aion’s Store

Lightsabers, Alarm Clocks, Watermelon Wedges, Chainsaws, Candlesticks, Barbells…

Aion is supposed to be about the life and death struggle between the Elyos and the Asmodeans. It’s also a pre-modern fantasy society. While they do have technology, it tends towards the mystical. But these weapons have no place in the setting at all, and break it. It’s just catering to players for cash.

I don’t really like that trend in cash shop games. If you want to offer items, make sure they fit into the setting in the game. Seeing an Asmodean with a lollipop is not fitting the setting.


One Response to Aion’s cash shop and problems with immersion

  1. Drew says:

    I have to agree with you – this is pretty ridiculous. Of course, I guess with swimsuits having just been the latest “big thing” chainsaws were the inevitable jump? /sigh

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