EQ Extended-The biggest problem

… is actually their streaming client. No other feature has annoyed me so much.

While it works well, streaming and downloading content while you play, it has a huge flaw. If you disconnect and reconnect, you have to finish the download already taking place. That means if the little dragon icon is at 30.2 megabytes, and you DC, you need to download all 30.2 megs before you can re-enter the game.

This doesn’t make sense to me because it can’t be related to the zone. I’ve stayed in the same zone for the majority of my time, and in the same small section of the zone: the areas next to Kethelin. So the client is probably downloading other areas. But it DCs fairly frequently, so you are looking at 10-15 minutes if it happens in the middle of a longer download. This adds up if you DC a couple of times per night.

It also kicks you back to the select character screen, so you might also take a few more minutes then. It’s a very small thing, and the price to pay for being able to download at all (the total download is an insane 12.1 gigs.) But it really is killing the game for me, when it should be hooking me to keep playing.


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