Off Topic: Yay, Avatar again :/

Looks like James Cameron is making Avatar into a trilogy.

I didn’t catch Avatar in the theaters due to some hardcore MMO playing at the time. Ironically, it’s all I watch now. In my current job we use it to demo high-end TVs. I honestly doubt that the world has legs enough to make a trilogy out of.

The problem is that the Na’vi were the least interesting part of the movie. The first part was about Jake learning to deal first with the scientific culture of the Avatar project and his Avatar, then with the Na’vi culture. But the Na’vi themselves are a boring caricature of the Noble Savage. We have the Chief, the Medicine Woman, the native Love Interest, and the Jealous Rival. They also get a huge moral pass throughout the whole film. Neytiri was ready to kill Jake if not for the sign of favor from Eywa, and none of the Na’vi really cared about meeting or negotiating with the humans. When humanity has to disguise themselves as the native race of the planet just to get them to listen, something is wrong. When the entire planet grows a Gaia consciousness and has no problem killing the invading human army, something is seriously wrong.

However now that the humans are out of the picture, finding a source of conflict is going to be hard. Especially since the planet theoretically has chosen Jake and is linked in said Gaia consciousness.  Like it or not, the humans were the most appealing part of the film, even the main villain Quaritch. It’s telling that Cameron never had Sully answer him how he felt about betraying his own species.

Also, it’s going to be hard because it’s mentioned that it will take place on Pandora’s oceans. Expect a lot of aquatic animal scenery porn, and even less plot. But it probably will print him even more money.


3 Responses to Off Topic: Yay, Avatar again :/

  1. Dril says:

    I liked Avatar, although I understand the problems you have with the Na’vi. I always thought that it was more about three factions: scientists, military/mining and the natives, with the audience rooting for the first.

    • Dblade says:

      Yea, but the scientists aren’t really taking a stand against the Na’vi. Both Sully and the other male avatar scientist go over to the Na’vi’s side and kill humans over it. At the start of the film Sigourney’s character is more or less banished from the Na’vi and prohibited from real contact.

      The destruction of home tree is crossing a line, but the scientist and the peacekeeping outlook looked totally ineffectual throughout the entire film. Sully isn’t a third way uniting the best of human and Na’vi cultures, but surrendered his humanity to the Na’vi, literally at the end of the film.

      It might be that like I said, I watch it too much.

  2. Tesh says:

    The humans aren’t done. A society that can make interstellar travel work can certainly handle orbital bombardment or biological warfare.

    Live it up, savages, you’re fighting a war you can’t win.

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