Return to Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth is having a “Come back to Us” special where the first month resubbing is only 4.99. Being between games, and Everquest Extended failing to wow me, I decided to come back. I wasn’t a fan of the game, not enjoying both its silence and tediousness when I first played. So how is it now?

Well, more of the same. The plus sides are that it seems more stable, and the writing is as excellent as ever. The graphics haven’t changed much apart from some odd decisions: the Creeper mob is more menacing, but players seem to look the same. I see more people now, and was spam invited to T.E.M.P.S-the newbie guild.

It’s still a long, tough grind. I’ve only played a few days, but getting to 7 in it is like getting to 30 in Champions Online. They have modified the tutorial: you can no longer skip the extended one, and it’s been shortened a bit. The first few levels also seem very easy. I’ll give more impressions as I play.


3 Responses to Return to Fallen Earth

  1. Dril says:

    Excellent. I’ve been looking for something to pass the time with since Face of Mankind wowed me with its concept and some of its execution but fell short in a few vital areas.

  2. Isey says:

    Looking forward to it. In the beta I liked the tutorial – felt like a Fallout-esque mmo – but once I got out of the tutorial the spawns, quest hubs, etc just felt really rough. While it was in beta, it was in that end phase where there was little time for significant change.

    I like the post-apocalyptic arena but the gameplay didn’t feel quite right. It’s one of those titles I figured I’d check back in 12-24 months after launch.

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