Kiss Boneclaw goodbye

I’m late in reporting this, but a recent update to Fallen Earth did what most players dream of doing: nuke a city off the map. The city of Boneclaw over the Halloween weekend was attacked by Alec Masters. Alec Masters was the one that created you, as a player-clone. He was thought dead in the destruction of the Hoover Dam when C.H.O.T.A attacked it, but he’s alive and well, and carrying out his revenge.

What this means in gameplay terms is awesome. Boneclaw was a starter town for players, but now it is a wasteland. We can’t get next to it because it kills us at 1000 damage a tic, but until the FE devs replace it, it’s a big gaping hole in the map. It has made some of the starting areas a lot harder to get to and escape from, but it got people talking.

The real reason is because Boneclaw was a horrible starter city, I think. It was a giant circular pit with poor layout and a lot of running to do quests, and rather than just update it in a new patch, they wiped it off the face of the map. Unfortunately the radiation kills people from a very far distance, and I didn’t participate in the event to defend it, so I have no pictures.

Fallen Earth has its problems, but the devs seem pretty cool about adding personal touches like these.


3 Responses to Kiss Boneclaw goodbye

  1. Tesh says:

    FE’s not my style… but that’s pretty cool. I’d like to see more devs willing to radically alter their worlds this way.

  2. Drew says:

    Boneclaw was absolutely terrible – I love it!

    I miss the story/interaction in Fallen Earth, but not the inventory micromanagement.

  3. Dblade says:

    Yeah, I wish I had first-person news of this, but it happened the day I resubbed, while I worked. Players seem to have adapted well to it.

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