Champion Archetypes non-news

They released some information about the new archetypes here. Unfortunately it’s non-news because they just released the structure in general. Archetype players get 3 less powers, with one of the powers also pre-determined as a block. Blocks are incredibly useful anyways. This is a block power though, something that enhances the mitigation of your standard block.

Talents are the same for both players, however the archetype gets it spaced out more instead of getting them all early. Advantage points are the same, but spaced differently, with the archetype down two AP compared to the free-form till level 40, when it evens out.

This is non-news though because the spacing is of less importance than the actual archetype powersets.  It’s not the distribution of points that matters as much as the powers you gain. Since all archetypes in the game of any kind need to cross powersets for things like defense, and some powers synergize much better than the default one in a set, this is of vital importance.

Until then, we’ll have to wait. Although I’m against F2P, I wanted the game to move towards classes for balance issues, and I’m not so negative about the changes as others. This might be a good thing as the classes will promote PvP without the over-the-top builds that make it such a chore.


One Response to Champion Archetypes non-news

  1. Dril says:

    I wonder if the archetypes might be somewhat more powerful than chosen powers, especially for people who don’t look online for what the best power combos are. That could lead to an odd situation where free players are better off gameplay-wise than payers, but, yeah, we’ll have to see what the actual powers are.

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