Fallen Earth mechanics.

FE has some weird mechanics. Here are some brief snapshots of them.

-Look at your health bar. A bad design decision is that while normal attacks in FPS mode will give a red flash and your character grunting in pain, DOTs will give no warning beyond the animation at all. I’ve gotten killed by not realizing I had a DOT on me because of that.

-Priority of actions is weird. You can’t harvest and reload, but you can reload, and then instantly harvest. While reloading you can’t shoot, but you can trigger weapon-based abilities. You also can attack in the middle of healing or buffs. It feels very weird and not natural.

-While you can make items, the game doesn’t tell you the stats of them before you make them. That means you either wiki it or make it blind.

-You can’t map duel wield firing to a single button, and the firing is reversed. Right mouse button fires left hand gun.

-I think FE busted one of the zip guns sound effects. Like a real zip gun, it takes a moment to be ready to fire while the pressure builds. I thought they used to have a sound effect from pumping, but now there is none, so you wonder why you can’t fire the gun after reloading for a few seconds.

-Big annoyance: you have to manually dismount to harvest  a node. You can’t click on it from the horse.

-A smaller annoyance. You can split a stack. I use my horse to store large, heavy stacks of materials. However if you split the stack and directly try to move it into your inventory, it gives you a “too heavy” message like you moved the whole stack. You need to split it, put the split stack in a free spot in your horse, and then move the split stack.

-You can shoot at an enemy without targeting them. You cannot however use a hotbar ability like knock down on them unless they are targeted. You can only target them in a non-attack mode, the non-FPS one or shooting at them will target them. So if you want to lead with a hotbar action, you need to drop your weapons, quickly click on them, then hit tab to go into FPS mode. This sucks with multiple mobs.

There are many things like this which make FE feel rough. Mechanically it’s quirky with a lot of things you wonder why they didn’t see it.


One Response to Fallen Earth mechanics.

  1. Drew says:

    Yep, spot-on again with many of the “quirks” of Fallen Earth.

    I do think you can see item stats that you’re crafting though if you hover your mouse over the icon of the item in question. I think. Try that and let me know, it’s been awhile since I’ve played FE.

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