Champions Archetypes-This time it’s news.

Here are the specifics of what each archetype contains for powers. There are eight of them, based on fire, munitions, supernatural, might, sorcery, ice, martial arts and ego. I think these are the first eight, as whole powersets like electric are missing.

They are built more around traditional trinity roles. Might and ice are tanks, ego and sorcery support and heals, flame, melee, and MA dps builds. They don’t seem that bad. I’m scanning the list quickly for weaknesses, and they all seem decent, if basic.

They even added some new powers. Fire now has a block, which it was missing, and sorcery has a new one. MA has a swordsman’s form, which I’m not sure what it is: in game MA uses multiple forms tailored to the type of build. I think they look competent, but they will suffer for things like PvP.

The one killer I can see is that many of the classes have no native heals. That is going to make soloing harder than usual. Maybe it will force grouping, and build more of a community? Either way its interesting that a F2P move might make the game better by limiting OP builds.

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