Stargate worlds is dead?

From the East Valley Tribune’s blog Nerdvana here. It looks like while Cheyenne won back the SG license and game assets from companies founded by ex-employees, MGM has had enough and pulled the license. If I’m reading right, while Cheyenne could maintain Stargate: Resistance, chances are that’s all they’ll have based on that IP.

It’s surprising how sordid the details are. Cheyenne had to call police to prevent the spin-off company Dark Comet from physically removing assets from their studio, as linked in Nerdvana. I wonder what Cheyenne has planned next. Will they pull a Champions Online and repurpose their assets into a unique IP, or will this just be a blip on the way to them flaming out and folding? I guess it depends on whether or not Cheyenne can convince MGM to stay the date of execution. While they are trying to keep the game afloat, I can’t see it surviving the license pull, or MGM being convinced to reinstate it given their history and Resistance’s tepid sales. Changing the post title to reflect that they are still trying, but please excuse the shortlink.


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