Sorry for the lack of posts

Unfortunately, Fallen Earth is on hold for now. For some reason, it’s very CPU intensive for the level of graphics it gives. This wouldn’t be a problem except that my laptop seems to have moderate heat problems due to CPU spikes. Extended play on FE causes the fan to run non-stop at high speed, even with a cooling pad underneath it. I can’t pinpoint the problem: cleaning the fans didn’t seem to help, and uninstalling Apple’s Bonjour service might have (while forcing me to uninstall Itunes as well since it wouldn’t launch.) The comp seems virus-free, and trying to decipher the processes running don’t point to anything my limited knowledge can see. So I’m putting the game on hold.

Apart from that, I’m getting worn out from the lack of options in the MMO genre. The genre is at a bad stage of development. It’s like both the JRPG and FPS glut on certain systems. Similar and derivative games chasing a few market leaders, with some niche games carving out their place. People keep hashing the same old solutions: We need PvP and Sandboxes for MMOs to be meaningful (despite virtually all the modern games trying having low subs or failing outright.) We need higher production values and focusing on what works!

When that happens, it’s time to try something different. So I’ll be catching up on other things I enjoy, and hopefully a MMO will debut that catches my eye.


3 Responses to Sorry for the lack of posts

  1. Dril says:

    That’s odd with FE; I never really play on laptops (small, stubby fingers + tiny keyboard as well as the mouse-pad rather than a mouse are a big nono) so I can’t comment, but it’s a shame you can’t keep playing.

    The hypocrisy amongst MMO commentators is staggering, but there’s not a whole lot anyone can do. Oh well.

    Are there any new MMOs you have an eye on in particular? Personally I’m looking forward to Rift a lot, with GW2 as a good proposition as well.

    • Dblade says:

      I wish I could say yes, but I never was into the original GW, and Rifts hasn’t wowed me. The only one I can say I am looking forwards to is the Phantasy Star Online remake for PC.

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