Onlive debuts: not many people care

It looks like cloud gaming service Onlive has finally launched. You can find their site here. What you cannot find is a single MMO game offered. In fact, the gaming catalog looks a little…sucky. You have some name games like Borderlands and Assasin’s creed 2, but a lot of the games are things like World of Goo or Lego Batman: games where you probably can already run them on a halfway decent computer bought in the last few years.

Oddly enough, there are virtually no games which would minimize the weaknesses of the Onlive platform, like civ games, roleplaying games, or other slower games. Almost all of them are fast paced-action. These games are the most likely to suffer from latency between your computer and the cloud.

For a balanced review, arstechnica has one here. Onlive has some good points: you can free trial any game there, and some let you rent the game for a week or less rather than pay the full amount to have constant access. The microconsole they developed is only a hundred bucks.  It’s also one of the only ways to get decent gaming on a netbook. However considering how big cloud computing has been in the blogosphere lately, the launch of Onlive seems underwhelming.


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