For Syp, with love.

You wouldn’t think I’d let the crack about anime slide, did you? So, behold! A link to the character classes of the new Taiwanese MMORPG XAOC, from MMO Champion. For those not willing to wait for all of them to load, one to whet your appetitite.

guaranteed to give syp fits

This is a dual gunner class. Jokes about what her guns are and where they are may be made at your own level of comfort.

While the in-game graphics don’t match this level of detail (You can see here, they have a nice although low-res look) they follow the tried and true method of underarmoring in an anime style of way guaranteed to give our friend at Bio Break cause for another rant. I think it has to be said though that ironically, the few JRPG MMOs that have come out have never reached this level of undress. It seems to be both Korean and Chinese MMOs that push the envelope.

The cynic in me thinks we will see more of this as China emerges as the larger MMO market. This is due to some seriously skewed sex ratios in China, leaving 1.1 men to every woman. While women in MMOs are ranging from a tiny minority (EVE at 5%) to a normal distribution (WoW) in the west, the sex ratio combined with cultural differences might be shrinking the pool of female gamers in the east. If that’s so, expect to see more MMO versions of “lad magazines” like Maxim, targeting young men specifically.

Interesting times.


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