So..where’d all the game coverage go?

Massively is the site that got me hooked on MMO news. But what’s up with it?

I’m not talking about their latest redesign. I think that was a positive step. But where is the coverage of games? It’s like all Massively does is regurgitate press releases apart from the columnists they assign to a few dedicated games. There are a bunch of games that seem to have completely dropped off the radar. What’s up with Mortal Online? Or The Secret World? What happened to that indy game Dawntide, and what is Love doing? What happened to Blade and Soul? Or Crimecraft? Or the Agency? How’s DUST514 coming along? What future F2P MMOs can we look forwards to?

You can break down most of the coverage to a few games: FFXI, Aion, DDO, LOTRO, EVE, EQ2, TOR, FFXIV, and AOC. The rest of the games covered tend to be posting press releases, with some infrequently getting deeper coverage: Fallen Earth and Runes of Magic are two of those. But I think there is a lack of MMO news, as opposed to reliance on evergreen articles like the Soapbox.Hopefully they can start investigating and being proactive rather than reactive.


5 Responses to So..where’d all the game coverage go?

  1. Dril says:

    Agreed, but, evidently that isn’t worth their time: the latest beta stage of GeneriShittyF2PMMO, however, is. Besides the fact that I have issues with the whole paid blogging idea and, as a separate point, the almost unparalleled cultural bias they place on it, Massively is really only for the occasional news gem or the odd interesting column.

    • Dril says:

      Also for flaming Beau Hindman for being a relatively nice guy but a totally blind corporate sheep whose main defense for f2p games is to not acknowledge their terrible quality or to downplay virtually anything bad about them.

      But hey, who am I to judge?

      • Dblade says:

        At least Beau is trying to find new stuff. I’m kind of that way with anime-i like just about all of it despite a lot of it being terrible to others.

        I agree though, I think if you problog, you need to step up the game some.

      • Dril says:

        Oh aye I respect his general devotion to finding new stuff. It’s just the way he tries to justify f2p implementation that really grates my gears.

      • Drew says:

        Amen, Dril. I can’t stand reading Beau’s columns for that reason. I’ve said before (somewhere) that he’ll defend anything as long as it’s F2P.

        But yeah, Massively’s stuff has gone way down in both content and quantity since the latest change. Pretty disappointed overall.

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