Charity Rant, part two.

A while ago EVE was sponsoring a charity event, donating PLEX to help out victims of the Pakistani Flood. I wrote about my reactions here. The organization sponsored was the Pakistani branch of the Red Crescent, which is an Islamic version of the Red Cross.

Well, it looks back in 2006 Iran allegedly used the cover of the Red Crescent to smuggle arms into Lebanon during the second Lebanon war. The Jerusalem post reports on it here. The Guardian also here. The data was from Wikileaks massive info dump released earlier today. The summation seems to be that Irani intelligence officials used IRC ambulances to transport weapons and a cadre of elite officials.

This is a tremendous blow for the legitimacy of the Red Crescent as an organization, even if individual branches are are on the straight and narrow. This calls into question its neutrality, and that neutrality is vital to its humantitarian work. It also casts doubt on the other branches of the organization: if Irani intelligence could infiltrate it, what other organizations could? Was this done with local complicity?

Or even worse, did EVE players support an organization that could have been infiltrated and abused? Is the Pakistan branch blameless?

It needs to be said that the IRC strongly denies this, and even if the Irani branch was used to further political aims, that doesn’t mean any other branch did. It also needs to be said that more time is needed to verify this due to the chaos from the Wikileaks DDOS. But because of this, moreso than ever it is VITAL that the IRC open itself up to independent observers to regain any credibility it has, if only for the peace of mind for those who trust it to do well. Transparency.

One Response to Charity Rant, part two.

  1. Dril says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the West does the same thing, it’s just that we manage to cover it up better.

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