Aion rifting, again.

Looks like people complained enough, and Aion is going through a one-month trial period where rifting changes were rolled back some. Previously the 2.0 patch killed rifting by giving such huge defensive bonuses that it was impossible to scratch defenders. The trial period reduces that bonus in 20-30ish zones, and eliminates it in 40-50ish ones. Official forums have an 80 page thread about it.

Arguments that aren’t variants of QQ more boil down nicely into:

1. Rifting adds excitement to the game and isn’t so bad.

2. We know what rifting adds, we left because of it and dont want it back.

It’s surprisingly sedate, which to me indicates that the people opposed to rifting either left and stayed gone, or aren’t bothering this time to argue against it and are canceling their subs in advance. These days I think that arguing does no good, and the latter is the best way to show dissent. This is probably why I keep getting “come back to EVE/Aion mails.”

A good example of what happens when you don’t is Keen over at Keen and Graev’s. Keen is very specific about the type of MMO he likes: a free-form sandbox heavily inspired by Dark Ages Of Camelot. So what is he doing now? Playing WoW and Cataclysm and enjoying it immensely.

It’s undercutting his main argument, and he is supporting a game which is the polar opposite of what he states.  I think at some point you need to simply stop engaging a thing and quit if the disconnect between it and your ideals is too great.



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