Gaming portal 101

Welcome class, to successfully running a F2P gaming portal. You need the following items:

1. A Maple Story clone: A sprite-based, 2-D platformer with a grind.

2. A generic 3-D MMO based on one of two styles:

A. Cutesy superdeformed anime characters that use a LOT of pets.

B. Generic, non-descript realistic anime characters. Think early playstation two launch, or playstation one with a higher resolution.

3. A game which by all rights shouldn’t be called an MMO but somehow is. It can be a golf game, a racing game, a FPS, a street running game, a puzzle game, a Super Smash Brothers clone, or whatever Gamecube quality title you can get your hands on. Add a cash shop to it.

4. A larger budget “A” title that has higher production values than 1-3 yet still is lacking. This may be bought off of developers due to bankrupcy, or because you can get it developed cheaper in places like Taiwan or Russia. Failed titles may also be considered if they are from big names, like Square Enix.

Mix together. Stir well, seasoning with a single forum for all your games at once. Make sure to localize poorly, including spelling errors on your main page.

You can also add for flavor the following:

1. An ugly 3-D isometric sprite based game if you are on a budget.

2. A heavy influence of PvP. Bonus points if you add it to any of the “cutesy” games listed above.

3. A title from another portal that shut it down due to lack of population.

Do not add the following:

1. Small games that survive now but could desperately use the visibility you provide.

2. Games with unique or niche styles of play not easily copyable. You want cookie cutter and bland, not a Tale in the Desert.

3. Explicitly children’s games. Maple Story may look cute, but it’s based around gameplay more like factory work.

4. Strong lore. Even if you slip sometimes into interesting ideas, like Mabinogi’s rebirth (which is one of the most engaging ideas in any MMO I’ve ever seen) refuse to use them to make a rich world.

Congratulations! You have your average F2P gaming portal.


2 Responses to Gaming portal 101

  1. Dril says:

    Nice one 😛 You should join one of these companies as a marketing exec; you’d make millions.

    • Dblade says:

      I like my soul, thank you very much. Seriously, I wonder not just portals, but the whole genre seems to be repetitive to the point of parody.

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