What has Massively Forgotten about Volume 1

A quick list of things that have gotten a lot of ink from them in the past that have vanished from their radar:

  1. World of Tanks
  2. Star Wars: Clone Adventures.
  3. Free Realms
  4. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
  5. Runes of Magic (Did the Taborea column get axed?)
  6. Black Prophecy
  7. Earthrise (That game used to clutter the site)
  8. Mortal Online
  9. Blade and Soul

I’ve been noticing a trend to more opinion pieces and the same stable of games. Even the “press release as an article” seems to have dried up. It’s a dead time in MMOs, apart from a few games.

One Response to What has Massively Forgotten about Volume 1

  1. Dril says:

    As usual, I quite like Massively (and WoWInsider) but sometimes I feel it’s VERY annoying that they get paid for, essentially, all the bad things about journalism without any of its good features: they report press releases and write opinion pieces, but never do any in-depth analysis or theorycrafting or put pressure on things that are blatantly wrong (i.e. Allods cash-shop and Beau Hindman’s defense of it.)

    Although, the know-your-lore stuff on WoWinsider is absolutely top-notch writing.

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