Champions Online holiday Event

CO is having their usually Holiday Event, and it’s a bit different this year.

One difference is in the items. You can throw snowballs or kiss people under the mistletoe, and each item grants a specific title. Kiss enough people and you get the “Kissable” title. You can even kiss bosses, an attempt to lure more people into the endgame 40 raids. Winter action figure pieces drop as well, and you can assemble holiday versions of the Champions and their Villains. This is somewhat meh since all they do is follow you around.

You can get free consummables like cookies that act as timed heals, and even some blue drops with decent stats. There are also gifts you can collect for a random reward item.

On the action front, Clarence the big Teddy is back. Defeat him for some costume pieces. However there’s been a lot of bitching that only the best builds can get the items because it uses the same point tally system as other open missions: highest score gets a chance at the event’s items.

Still, its not that bad. Finding presents while leveling adds some meaning to it, and the items are nice to use and helpful. The only problem is that they are time-limited and expire around mid January, so don’t expect to hoard them to resell.

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