Salvage Part 2: Amamake

January 17, 2011

The move went well. I contracted my meager collection of things via public courier before I logged, and had it waiting for me when I logged on this morning. I base in Sarum Prime now, one jump from the Amarr homeworlds.

Amamake is a bit different from Rancer. While it is a pirate haven, the Amarr and Minmatar Militia duke it out in the local systems nearby. On more than one occasion local spiked with 30 plus ships as a large warband moved through. Thankfully, none of them were willing to risk the sec hit and gate gun fire to nail my Salvage Bunny.

It was a bit slower, but eventually I found some tasty salvage on the Auga gate in Amamake. Peter Gold’s Thrasher gave me all of one metal scrap, and while other wrecks were nearby, I chose discretion over valor, making it back to Sarum Prime and finishing one of my goals: to salvage player wrecks from two notorious hotspots.

This was done fairly quick, and shows a small truth to lowsec: it’s really not that populated. There’s an illusion in the game where once you step out of empire, hordes of pirates camp any gate and will kill you instantly.

The reality is different. While people do camp gates, it’s not as often as you think. I ran across gate camps twice in about 4-6 hours of play. Most of the danger is in what’s called the glory belt: the first asteroid belt in any lowsec system. Also dangerous are “sights”-small, static complexes with rats that sometimes dot systems. Once away from gate guns mild deterrent, risk grows.

However it needs to be said that I freely explored two of the more notorious lowsec systems in the game, jumping from location to location, while only losing one ship. Contacts with enemy ships were few and eventless, apart from the one gate camp. It’s easy to get caught up in general rhetoric about PvP or carebearing to forget about the reality on the ground.

Next up-time to ninja mine in 0.0 with my frig.


Attempt 2: Rancer. Success.

January 16, 2011

Sorry for the cluttered screenshot. After a bit of moving detailed in my last post, I’d figure I’d try again before logging. Thanks to the wreck of Drake #7 of the Blob, giving up 5 malfuctioning shield emitters, my little Navitas beat one half of the Salvage Challenge. While doing so I met a Rifter doing the same thing, and it was apparent we both were paranoid. He skittered off, since low sec gate guns make firing on a target at the gate death to most frigs. I skittered off once myself and came back, despite knowing this.

At any time a fleet could appear at a gate to camp it. It seemed right now we both were lucky.

The next step is picking up and moving to Amamake, which is in Amarr space. Amamake will be different, as it is not only a pirate hot spot, but a militia one. Current Trit Balance is 90k.

Attempt one: Salvaging in Rancer.

January 15, 2011

2011.01.15 22:05:00
Victim: Centri Sixx


University of Caille

Alliance: Unknown

Faction: Unknown

Destroyed: Navitas


Security: 0.4

Damage Taken: 475

Involved parties:
Name: Vadar Kramax (laid the final blow)

Security: -10.0Corp: the united

Alliance: Negative Ten.

Faction: NONEShip: Broadsword

Weapon: 650mm Artillery Cannon II

Damage Done: 475
Name: Jack Leo

Security: -10.0

Corp: the united

Alliance: Negative Ten.

Faction: NONE

Ship: Hurricane

Weapon: Warp Disruptor II

Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:
Salvager ICargo Scanner IMiner IIExpanded Cargohold I

Dropped items:
Hobgoblin I (Drone Bay)Small Shield Booster IExpanded Cargohold I


So, I go to Rancer. I see salvage at gate, as well as a gate camp. It’s mostly frigs and noob ships, ironically. Going through isn’t hard, but on the way back I get instalocked by a cruiser and one shot.

The problem with Rancer, and it’s reason for being a pirate hotspot, is that you can approach it only one way on the Gallente side-through Crielere. So ships gate camp, using big ones to tank the guns. Its easy for big ships to catch small ones if they gear right.

I’ll put some warp stabs on for the next time, but another problem is that there is no regional market in the safe systems surrounding Rancer. So that means I’m going to need to bring in a ton of blue prints to be able to make the supplies I need to get for this. That’s assuming there are industry slots available in the local stations so I can build. This also means I need to raise research skills some, to do multiple jobs.

What sucks about EVE too is, there’s really no bigger ship you can use to do this. Even without the challenge, salvaging pins you in place, and that means you can get scrambled. That current gate camp had about 5 ships cruiser and up that can tank the gate guns, so the only solution would be to chase them out with a bigger fleet.

On, and a nice little snapshot of EVE piracy is here. Most of their kills are t1 frigs. Thrilling sandbox gameplay eh? Camp on a gate and kill the weak ships coming through.

EVE TTC: Planning.

January 14, 2011

My last challenge (time trial doesn’t really apply here since skills train in real time, and I need to train some) is here: EVE online. 5 different goals, accomplished with a wimpy mining frigate. This is going to need some planning, so I figure I’d give you an overview of how I intend to accomplish them.

1. 1 Billion Tritanium. This is the easiest, but the most time consuming. My Navitas can barely handle NPC rats that spawn in asteroid belts in any security space below 0.7. Mining itself though isn’t hard, and as time passes and I train skills in mining and refining, my yield grows. It’s still a lot of minerals to make, and I plan to only do it with the frig.

2. Navitas into 0.0 and mine ore. This is going to be tough. There are two routes to and from 0.0 in general: either through a chokepoint lowsec system, or by getting lucky inside wormhole space and finding a wormhole that dumps me there. The first is often guarded by gankers and defenders, armed with warp interdiction spheres that warp stabilizers wont work against. The second is going to need some serious probing skills and a lot of luck.

3. Navitas on a killmail. A bit easier. In EVE, the militia allows uncorped people to fight among corps, and they tend to have large open fleets once in awhile. However I’m not about to join one as a mining frig. What I’ll do instead is keep an eye out for them, and engage a target they are fighting. I’m probably not going to be too popular, but it’s militia. I’m not caring too much. Believe me, from my time in the Amarr militia it’s not that great a crowd.

4. Salvaging in two infamous pirate sectors of space. It’s not bad, the trick is in the timing. Wrecks only survive in space for an hour, so I need to hang out in space without getting caught, wait for a battle to end, and swoop in. The main problem is the distance between them, I’ll need to do a lot of jumping around.

5. Take a picture with me and a sleeper. This is the most skill-based of my objectives. Skills as in character skills. I’m going to need to get astrometric skills to a high level to do this.  Astrometric probing is easy to do in terms of player skill, but the numbers needed to get into a sleeper class wormhole might be high. Also, actually getting close enough to take the picture without being one-shot, as well as survive any defenders camping the entrance is very tough.

My character’s name is Centri Sixx if you want to say hi to me. Hit me up via chat.

Batman: Gotham high

January 12, 2011

I twittered this, but this has to be one of the coolest failed concepts in TV animation, at Slashfilm. Batman and his villains as teens in high school together.

Harley Quinn is adorable. I’ve always had a soft spot for high school dramas. I guess that’s the anime fan in me. Maybe we’ll get lucky and WB notices it.


Navitas Project: Timeless Trial Challenge.

January 12, 2011

This is the Navitas.

The Navitas is what’s called a T1 mining frigate.  Basically, it’s one of the weakest ships in the game next to the newbie ship, designed for basic mining and cargo carrying for people who aren’t all that into combat. It has no bonuses to weapons or damage, just mining output and cargo capacity. It has paper-thin armor, only 2 slots in low and mids for defensive measures, and room for only one drone. In a firefight, it’s like this:

Why am I talking about this ship in a game I’m meh about? It’s time for another Time Trial Challenge!

However, since this is EVE and based on a real-time skill gain, for now lets call it a Timeless Trial Challenge. This one is going to be a little more complex than the last one, which was seeing how fast I could get a character in Champions Online to 40. There are five goals:

1. Mine,Reprocess, and Refine a total of 1 billion pieces of Tritanium.

2. Take the Navitas into 0.0 space and fill my hold with ABC ore: Arkenor, Bistot, or Crokite. Bring it back if possible.

3. Get my Navitas on a killmail. For extra lulz, have it do the final blow.

4. Use the Navitas to salvage from a player ship wreck in Rancer and Amamake.

5. Take a picture of the Navitas with a Sleeper in a wormhole.

Why am I doing this you ask? One, because the normal play of EVE is boring. I recently resubbed to it since they changed learning skill mechanics, and corp play is still the same old same old that I’ve griped about multiple times. Two, to test to see what can be done in this sandbox game.  Three, because I like frigs.

I’ll post future updates as I tackle each step. Technically only 3 and 5 needs any advanced skill training, so I can do most of them now.

TOR: too little, too late?

January 5, 2011

1up wonders.

They have some good points. EA has NEVER been known for innovation, as would Bioware. Both tend to stick with formulas and make high-quality product, but will it be enough to be a high-quality standard MMO? From Rift’s experience so far it seems uncertain. They mentioned a very good example of a proxy battle already fought between EA and Act/Blizzard: FPS. Call of Duty vs. Medal of Honor. That one hasn’t gone so well for EA.

Maybe that’s all people can do now though, copy and improve slightly. I hope not.