How to really be hardcore in Darkfall.

Hijack the newbie guild NEW and disband it.

Reading here and here looks like that someone pulled a bait and switch similar to EVE and disbanded it with the intent of giving the city to someone else. Information is somewhat slim, but one member recently promoted to leadership demoted and banned everyone else. Forum poster Akademik’s reasons why he did it:

I am the one who disbanded NEW, I gave the clan bank to Princess Syna to give back to Buadthan or whoever wants it (which is funny because it was all donated so why would Buadthan “own” it?). I just disbanded the clan so Plague will probably automatically get Hammerdale? I don’t know, I never wanted that shit for myself.

The whole point was to get noobs out of Hammerdale and try something else for a change. All I read on the forums is how this person hates NEW and this person hates NEW, well there ya go gave you the chance to put up or shut up…

If the server wants NEW they will let Plague keep Hammerdale, if the server doesn’t want NEW anymore then they will siege Hammerdale from Plague.

Here’s how that went:

About NEW and the answer is clear no one gives a shit. There was a little bit of activity around Hammerdale for the siege yesterday but no one was trying to end it one way or the other until ~30min left on the siege less than a full party of Einherjar, The Wicked, Omega and 12inches Unbuffed showed up and downed the bind stone.

While everyone on these forums seems to have an opinion on the matter no one is willing to do a damn thing about it. Only a hand full of people, one of which being the guy that disbanded it to start this ordeal are willing to take action on the issue.

As far as Plague’s involvement in the NEW project we’re done. We are all tired of dealing with this crap, we’re not going to be living in Hammerdale and we’re not helping with any sieges from this point forward.

Browsing the forums, it seems the response is a very loud meh. Probably because putting all the newbies together in one city leads to some serious griefing. Maybe it was just general leadership issues. But it’s not a good thing in my eyes.


One Response to How to really be hardcore in Darkfall.

  1. Dril(ski) says:

    And people say WoW’s community is bad?

    I mean, wake the fuck up. Darkfall isn’t exactly doing well, is it? The last thing the, at best, stagnating population wants to do is destroy the one real, actual, genuinely helpful to newbies force in the world.

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