Navitas Project: Timeless Trial Challenge.

This is the Navitas.

The Navitas is what’s called a T1 mining frigate.  Basically, it’s one of the weakest ships in the game next to the newbie ship, designed for basic mining and cargo carrying for people who aren’t all that into combat. It has no bonuses to weapons or damage, just mining output and cargo capacity. It has paper-thin armor, only 2 slots in low and mids for defensive measures, and room for only one drone. In a firefight, it’s like this:

Why am I talking about this ship in a game I’m meh about? It’s time for another Time Trial Challenge!

However, since this is EVE and based on a real-time skill gain, for now lets call it a Timeless Trial Challenge. This one is going to be a little more complex than the last one, which was seeing how fast I could get a character in Champions Online to 40. There are five goals:

1. Mine,Reprocess, and Refine a total of 1 billion pieces of Tritanium.

2. Take the Navitas into 0.0 space and fill my hold with ABC ore: Arkenor, Bistot, or Crokite. Bring it back if possible.

3. Get my Navitas on a killmail. For extra lulz, have it do the final blow.

4. Use the Navitas to salvage from a player ship wreck in Rancer and Amamake.

5. Take a picture of the Navitas with a Sleeper in a wormhole.

Why am I doing this you ask? One, because the normal play of EVE is boring. I recently resubbed to it since they changed learning skill mechanics, and corp play is still the same old same old that I’ve griped about multiple times. Two, to test to see what can be done in this sandbox game.  Three, because I like frigs.

I’ll post future updates as I tackle each step. Technically only 3 and 5 needs any advanced skill training, so I can do most of them now.


One Response to Navitas Project: Timeless Trial Challenge.

  1. […] trial doesn’t really apply here since skills train in real time, and I need to train some) is here: EVE online. 5 different goals, accomplished with a wimpy mining frigate. This is going to need […]

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