EVE TTC: Planning.

My last challenge (time trial doesn’t really apply here since skills train in real time, and I need to train some) is here: EVE online. 5 different goals, accomplished with a wimpy mining frigate. This is going to need some planning, so I figure I’d give you an overview of how I intend to accomplish them.

1. 1 Billion Tritanium. This is the easiest, but the most time consuming. My Navitas can barely handle NPC rats that spawn in asteroid belts in any security space below 0.7. Mining itself though isn’t hard, and as time passes and I train skills in mining and refining, my yield grows. It’s still a lot of minerals to make, and I plan to only do it with the frig.

2. Navitas into 0.0 and mine ore. This is going to be tough. There are two routes to and from 0.0 in general: either through a chokepoint lowsec system, or by getting lucky inside wormhole space and finding a wormhole that dumps me there. The first is often guarded by gankers and defenders, armed with warp interdiction spheres that warp stabilizers wont work against. The second is going to need some serious probing skills and a lot of luck.

3. Navitas on a killmail. A bit easier. In EVE, the militia allows uncorped people to fight among corps, and they tend to have large open fleets once in awhile. However I’m not about to join one as a mining frig. What I’ll do instead is keep an eye out for them, and engage a target they are fighting. I’m probably not going to be too popular, but it’s militia. I’m not caring too much. Believe me, from my time in the Amarr militia it’s not that great a crowd.

4. Salvaging in two infamous pirate sectors of space. It’s not bad, the trick is in the timing. Wrecks only survive in space for an hour, so I need to hang out in space without getting caught, wait for a battle to end, and swoop in. The main problem is the distance between them, I’ll need to do a lot of jumping around.

5. Take a picture with me and a sleeper. This is the most skill-based of my objectives. Skills as in character skills. I’m going to need to get astrometric skills to a high level to do this.  Astrometric probing is easy to do in terms of player skill, but the numbers needed to get into a sleeper class wormhole might be high. Also, actually getting close enough to take the picture without being one-shot, as well as survive any defenders camping the entrance is very tough.

My character’s name is Centri Sixx if you want to say hi to me. Hit me up via chat.

4 Responses to EVE TTC: Planning.

  1. Dril says:

    Interesting; considering I have no idea how EVE works beyond the ever-so-boring tutorial, so it’ll be interesting to see just how time-consuming (which I suppose some people equate to being hardcore) it is.

    • Dblade says:

      I’ll try and flesh it out for you. It’s probably going to be a lot of me being killed/ being half afk while mining, but hey, twenty bucks to resub for two months.

      • Dril says:

        Think you can do it in two months?

      • Dblade says:

        Hmm. The trit mining I dont know, the rest is not that long to try. I already started on trying to salvage in the Rancer system: the problem is that it had only eight people in it! I think I can get a lot done relatively quickly.

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