Attempt one: Salvaging in Rancer.

2011.01.15 22:05:00
Victim: Centri Sixx


University of Caille

Alliance: Unknown

Faction: Unknown

Destroyed: Navitas


Security: 0.4

Damage Taken: 475

Involved parties:
Name: Vadar Kramax (laid the final blow)

Security: -10.0Corp: the united

Alliance: Negative Ten.

Faction: NONEShip: Broadsword

Weapon: 650mm Artillery Cannon II

Damage Done: 475
Name: Jack Leo

Security: -10.0

Corp: the united

Alliance: Negative Ten.

Faction: NONE

Ship: Hurricane

Weapon: Warp Disruptor II

Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:
Salvager ICargo Scanner IMiner IIExpanded Cargohold I

Dropped items:
Hobgoblin I (Drone Bay)Small Shield Booster IExpanded Cargohold I


So, I go to Rancer. I see salvage at gate, as well as a gate camp. It’s mostly frigs and noob ships, ironically. Going through isn’t hard, but on the way back I get instalocked by a cruiser and one shot.

The problem with Rancer, and it’s reason for being a pirate hotspot, is that you can approach it only one way on the Gallente side-through Crielere. So ships gate camp, using big ones to tank the guns. Its easy for big ships to catch small ones if they gear right.

I’ll put some warp stabs on for the next time, but another problem is that there is no regional market in the safe systems surrounding Rancer. So that means I’m going to need to bring in a ton of blue prints to be able to make the supplies I need to get for this. That’s assuming there are industry slots available in the local stations so I can build. This also means I need to raise research skills some, to do multiple jobs.

What sucks about EVE too is, there’s really no bigger ship you can use to do this. Even without the challenge, salvaging pins you in place, and that means you can get scrambled. That current gate camp had about 5 ships cruiser and up that can tank the gate guns, so the only solution would be to chase them out with a bigger fleet.

On, and a nice little snapshot of EVE piracy is here. Most of their kills are t1 frigs. Thrilling sandbox gameplay eh? Camp on a gate and kill the weak ships coming through.


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