Attempt 2: Rancer. Success.

Sorry for the cluttered screenshot. After a bit of moving detailed in my last post, I’d figure I’d try again before logging. Thanks to the wreck of Drake #7 of the Blob, giving up 5 malfuctioning shield emitters, my little Navitas beat one half of the Salvage Challenge. While doing so I met a Rifter doing the same thing, and it was apparent we both were paranoid. He skittered off, since low sec gate guns make firing on a target at the gate death to most frigs. I skittered off once myself and came back, despite knowing this.

At any time a fleet could appear at a gate to camp it. It seemed right now we both were lucky.

The next step is picking up and moving to Amamake, which is in Amarr space. Amamake will be different, as it is not only a pirate hot spot, but a militia one. Current Trit Balance is 90k.


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