Salvage Part 2: Amamake

The move went well. I contracted my meager collection of things via public courier before I logged, and had it waiting for me when I logged on this morning. I base in Sarum Prime now, one jump from the Amarr homeworlds.

Amamake is a bit different from Rancer. While it is a pirate haven, the Amarr and Minmatar Militia duke it out in the local systems nearby. On more than one occasion local spiked with 30 plus ships as a large warband moved through. Thankfully, none of them were willing to risk the sec hit and gate gun fire to nail my Salvage Bunny.

It was a bit slower, but eventually I found some tasty salvage on the Auga gate in Amamake. Peter Gold’s Thrasher gave me all of one metal scrap, and while other wrecks were nearby, I chose discretion over valor, making it back to Sarum Prime and finishing one of my goals: to salvage player wrecks from two notorious hotspots.

This was done fairly quick, and shows a small truth to lowsec: it’s really not that populated. There’s an illusion in the game where once you step out of empire, hordes of pirates camp any gate and will kill you instantly.

The reality is different. While people do camp gates, it’s not as often as you think. I ran across gate camps twice in about 4-6 hours of play. Most of the danger is in what’s called the glory belt: the first asteroid belt in any lowsec system. Also dangerous are “sights”-small, static complexes with rats that sometimes dot systems. Once away from gate guns mild deterrent, risk grows.

However it needs to be said that I freely explored two of the more notorious lowsec systems in the game, jumping from location to location, while only losing one ship. Contacts with enemy ships were few and eventless, apart from the one gate camp. It’s easy to get caught up in general rhetoric about PvP or carebearing to forget about the reality on the ground.

Next up-time to ninja mine in 0.0 with my frig.


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