Treading Water

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, and I’m sorry. I haven’t seen much to post about, though.

Currently I am playing two games very casually. I resubbed to EVE back when they offered two months free on the hope it changed. It’s easier to earn SP now that they boosted your statistics, but the core game is the same. I still stand by the things I said when I wrote this. It’s gotten worse, actually.

ISK in the game has raised dramatically, so now the default player opponents are not random frigs or cruisers, but random battlecruisers and tech 2/pirate/faction ships. So for low SP people, it’s harder to gain PvP wins except as part of a fleet, and the cost of PvPing is rising. While they introduced Incursions, most hi-sec ones are done in hours: I log on at 3 pm EST to find not a single hi-sec one left. The community still sucks, but these days on the forum there just aren’t many carebears left to argue on it.

Currently I just log on for an hour or two when bored and rat in lowsec. Or do a salvage run in amamake to try and get any pricey player wrecks. Usually I try to go back to games at least once when I quit because they can change for the better, but EVE hasn’t too much. When Incarna releases it might, but given CCP tends to release features, and only do basic work on them, I doubt it.

I also play Champions Online. Most time spent there is role-playing with a few friends in the Club. I also do PvP, mostly tier 3, but while it’s fun and engaging to play, there’s a lot of imbalances that can make it frustrating. Targeting is near impossible if there are pet users, because tab targeting prioritizes pets over players. You can have 8 or more pets, and they all take 75% damage from AOE based attacks. This makes them near impossible to clear out of the way.

There’s also problems with holds. It’s possible to stack short term “stun” holds on people, to the point where they can’t react. Most of these are also unblockable, so it can be frustrating.

At this point in time, I feel like I am just treading water. The next big thing in MMOs is a game I refuse to play for being everything the genre shouldn’t be: a derivative, copycat experience that just works. I’m not too keen on TOR, nor on Guild Wars 2. It’s a bad time in MMOs, and that’s why my posting has dropped off  a cliff. For that I apologize.


4 Responses to Treading Water

  1. Dril says:

    I know what you mean about treading water. I was hoping Rift would suck me in but it’s done nothing of the sort; it’s actually made me feel a tad worse about MMOs that people are praising it for its “astounding visuals and audio” when both are exceedingly generic and pretty poor overall. It’s just a game that lacks soul, and that’s such a disappointment. Oh well, back to waiting.

    I’m currently dabbling in AoC again, partially because it’s everything Rift isn’t: visceral, fast-based, genuinely beautiful both visually and audibly, but thoroughly flawed in several areas. I still think it would be a truly epic game if there were more and better people playing it but, alas, ’tis not so. Hopefully it;ll tide me over for a month at least.

    My real worry is that I’ll just be treading water forever now that I’ve quit WoW for good. If TOR and GW2 don’t deliver, ArcheAge is awful and TSW isn’t as good as I think it is then I’ll be stuck. Or looking for the next big thing. But it’s still a distinctly frightening thought.

    • Dblade says:

      I never could get into AoC. I did tortage, but then my files got corrupted off a bad DC. It started downloading again, and then I said the hell with it. Some games just don’t connect with you.

      For me, I’ll probably just quit the genre if the state continues. With the long time it takes to develop them, it’s hard to ride out a dry patch.

  2. Drew says:

    Same here; I have zero active MMO subs, and the only one I “miss” is Fallen Earth – and that’s because of the story.

    What I am doing, however, that’s tons of fun is playing the Baldur’s Gate saga straight through. I’ve never finished either game (I was too busy playing M:tG at the time), so this should keep me busy for awhile.

    • Dblade says:

      I wanted to like Fallen Earth very badly. I think out of all the MMOs made, it deserves a big budget remake. Not going to happen of course.

      I’ve been playing the Persona games on PSP, but MMOs seem to have made it harder for me to enjoy offline games now. Either that or I’m getting older.

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