Follow up, September 2012.

Just in case you wonder what happened to me, here’s a post.

I no longer play MMOs. I gave them up entirely. I don’t post on Massively, or even browse it. I stopped caring about the genre, and apart from the occasional “Oh, so Game A has shipped!” don’t mind. I’m sorry if anyone has mailed me and I didn’t respond to you-apparently I changed the blog’s email address for responses and it was only the comments that redirected to my home box. So please forgive me.

I rarely even play normal games. I write, and do a lot of reading, but that compulsion, that addiction to factory-line repetitive menial work that we call gaming has faded. I don’t regret this, though at times I do miss the people. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever return, as the only gaming I do now is in brief hour-long bursts on a portable system and that infrequently.

So I’m doing all right. But  I want to ask anyone who still reads this blog. If you gave up MMOs completely, what would you lose?

How much of gaming in this genre is truly irreplaceable? What exactly are you doing with this time? How much of what you do isn’t for recreation, but done out of compulsion or habit? Think about these things some time. The time you spend on them, on making these fantasy images and forums your only world that matters-you will not get it back. The games will not endure, and won’t even become recognizable if they do. I can never go back to the old FFXI.MMOs have become alternate worlds for many of us, and their gravity can trap us into a half-real world where we think communication is done with disembodied voices and pressing buttons on a pad is fishing. 

I had to break free of this to survive, and I don’t regret it one second. So keep it in mind. I hope all the people who were kind to me online, and those that put up with me are doing well.


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